Make A Will for Same Sex Couples  

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Last Will and Testament for Gays

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I offer information and research on intimacy and sexual health for those who are open-minded and willing to look beyond the politics surrounding sex. Join the discussion!

A short breath practice for individuals (& couples!) as a taste of what Sarah Anderson (sarahbellabutterfly on Instagram) and I are offering at our next ARTS OF SACRED INTIMACY retreat.
Our next Instagram LIVE practice will be October 30 at 9:15pm MDT.

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Looking to go beyond the politics of sex I'm here to provide evidence-based info and logical explanations on intimacy and sexual health for couples. Enhance your sexual wellbeing with me.

New Yorker: Are Straight Couples O.K. /CriticsatLarge

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My work is for those who can move beyond the politics of sex. I provide the facts, logical explanations & research findings for those who can accept them. -

"The anthem by Daft Punk, harder, better, faster, stronger, often captures the expectations placed on individuals with penises in sexual performance, undoubtedly influenced by mainstream porn to greater or lesser extents"

Nice Autumn walk with a very good Pumpkin Spiced Latte. A grey day but the leaves are finally starting to turn!


'Cockney Life at the Elephant and Castle', 1949, Bert Hardy

My retcon(stellation) of the of , recast Io as Dr. Io, world-renowned couple's therapist, who gives Hera & Zeus a cow to take care of..


Hear the rest of the ret-con here:

P.S. here's a cute cow:


woes continue as couples struggle to secure venues in . Lockdowns led to a drastic reduction in available wedding halls, causing costs to surge and prompting prospective to book venues over a year in advance.

#1 Name that Tune'
Many high-tech sex toys now include the ability to vibe along in time with music.

See #2 - #8 here:

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My work is for those who can move beyond the politics of sex. I provide the facts, logical explanations & research findings for those who can accept them. -

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What Are The Best Ways To Make Your Hong Kong Vacation Interesting

Discover Hong Kong's hidden gems on a budget! Explore our top tips for an exciting vacation with for .

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Be her gentleman
Be her protector
Be always there for her
Be the one she completely trust
Be her whole world
And you will see the beauty
The wonders she has to offer you
She will be your whole world
And you will feel a true explorer
Finding the most precious wonders!

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3+1 compatibility according to Simon Sinek as guest on Diary of a CEO (YouTube shorts)
My of the 3 kinds of for great for
1. Intellectual (teach & learn)
2. Emotional (grow & hold space)
3. Sexual (attraction & creativity)

Happy to my one and only

My work is for those who can move beyond the politics of sex. I provide the facts, logical explanations & research findings for those who can accept them. -

Nelly & Nadine

A box of hidden treasures in an attic reveals an amazing love story of two women - Nelly Mousset-Vos, the Belgian born opera singer and resistance fighter, and Nadine Hwang, the Belgian/ Chinese assistant and chauffeur to Natalie Clifford Barney (famous for her literary salons in avant-gard Paris). Nellys granddaughters uncover the fascinating tale of these two women who met in Ravensbrck concentration camp and found refuge and peace after the war in Venezuela with a small community of like-minded friends.

Their incredible story is told in the documentary by director Magnus Gertten - Streaming on Prime

Caricature, 1511 by Leonardo da Vinci

Northern Territory